Nacho Cervera



It all began on the day that Francisco, his father, role model and a wheel sports enthusiast, told him: «In two months we are going to make test in Madrid with a competition kart.» He wanted his son Nacho Cervera (Barcelona, ​​1999) to fulfill his dreams, those that grew more and more every day in front of television watching how Fernando Alonso was emerging, his idol next to Schumacher, Räikkönen and later on Hamilton. One of his daily passions was also being a pilot on PlayStation destroying all the records of the Formula 1 game. Enough said.

Nacho prepared himself conscientiously, burning gums in Barcelona´s Indoor Karting and ​​learning every day more about piloting. His interest took him later at the Kartòdrom de Catalunya, where he met the pilot Nil Montserrat, who was by then driving an F-3, becoming eventually his best teacher. «He taught me a lot of things,» says Nacho: like the art of braking in curves, always with the steering wheel in a straight position; or as in rainy conditions to avoid wheels skating. Useful advices that at the age of nine made him participate and conquer the Open RACC de Catalunya. That wasn´t enough to convince his mother Teresa, scared about the possible danger of driving.

«One day I suffered a school accident, ending with a with a breach on my head, the I agreed with mom that maybe that was more dangerous than piloting…» jokes Nacho, who has always been an excellent student. «I was told home that if I wanted to continue driving, my grades at school had to be the best,» he admits.

Studies, in any case, also lead to cars. Nacho loves telemetry, a revelation he discovered watching how Nil´s box engineers working when he barely was a meter and a half tall. «Telemetry is necessary to improve in two tenths that can make you stand in front,» sais Nacho; «And if you have more than one car, you can cross the data to see where it is slowed and time wasting… You can get on a sheet everything concerning the behavior of the car.» He is determined to study Industrial Engineering at the UPC to do after a master’s degree in automotive mechanics. «I will be able to apply all that knowledge in go karts, helping the young ones with their career start and jump into bigger disciplines.

But, of course, he will continue with a steering wheel in his hands. «After a short stop, I want to return to circuits participating in the Spanish Championship to prove to myself that I can be in the top 10». He is also considering the opportunity of testing at Nil Montserrat´s car team, NM Racing Team. Because that what Nacho is, a pilot since he was born.

Nacho’s TEST

How do you prepare for the races?

Always the day before, looking at my position in the standings, I visualize how I will get to the first corner and how I will make the first lap. It is key to endure and not to lose the position, then from the second or third round: I go straight for all.

What has been your best moment?

It was in my first Spanish championship. The first batch was very bad; But in the second, coming from last, I went up to the sixth place before having a small accident. It was very good because I learned a lot and proved that I had the level.

Are you superstitious?


How would you define yourself as a pilot?

I am one of those that if having the option to pass, I do not think about it twice. Always with prudence because, I never had an accident related to speeding or overtaking.

Do you like other sports than motor?

Many of them. Football, NBA, cycling, all the Olympic Games… and specially Barça!

What´s your favorite color and number?

Blue and number 6, the same as Andrés Iniesta.

What music do you like?

I’m not a big fan of music … I don´t even listen to it before the races.

What is your favorite TV show?

Big Bang Theory and playing FIFA on PlayStation.

What is your favorite dish?

Mmmm … Spaghetti with 4-cheese sauce.

Do you have a pet?

Yes, a chihuahua dog named Chiqui.